Show of Hands continuous art project with milestone events every two months. We aim to generate money and awareness for social issues while raising the profile of amazing local creatives. Here's how...



For each event, we supply 10 artists with a brief and give them 30 days to respond in their chosen medium.

We then display the works in a carefully curated space over one evening, providing a platform for open discussion of art and social issues. The events also feature live music and talks from a local charities, as well as one key difference from other exhibitions...

All attendees are given a ballot and asked to vote for the piece they find most impressive, moving and/or relevant. We believe art has the power to change perspectives and inspire the masses, so we want everyone to engage, discuss and debate!

At the end of the evening we announce the winning artist (who's awarded a £150 cash prize) and from those who voted for the victorious piece, an attendees name will be drawn and take the piece home.


"We believe art has the power to change perspectives and inspire the masses"



Each event is themed around a different social issue and all profits are donated to a relevant charity.


We like to be as transparent as possible about how we use your money to make the biggest impact possible. The breakdown of our finances is quite simple; from the money taken at an exhibition, we award £150 to the winning artist, are reimbursed our small operating costs (generally just marketing materials, web hosting etc) then the rest is given to charity.

The project is proudly presented by the YOUNG+IDLE art collective and powered completely by volunteers. We're happy to share our full accounts spreadsheet, just get in contact if you wish to review it.