We work with amazing local charities to turn all profits from our exhibitions into positive change in our community.


As well as fundraising, we also give charities an opportunity to address the public and ask directly for the type of contributions their organisation would benefit most from. For example Refugee Community Kitchen Hackney who were looking for partnerships from local businesses:


"Since our appearance at Show of Hands, we've been offered the use of a professional restaurant kitchen which is going to take us to a new heights"

Bob Trafford
RCK Hackney


"We have managed to secure two local food donation partnerships, so that we can truly continue to serve the community that's been left behind in Hackney, with the food that's been left behind in Hackney."

Olivia Hanson
RCK Hackney



You can hear about the great work our partner charities do and how they benefited from our exhibitions on each of the event pages: